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Literature Databases



Science Direct


Free Medical Journals List

CiteSeer - Largest free full text index of science literature

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Free)

Journal of Biological Chemistry (Free)

Science (Free after one year of publication)

Nature  (Needs subscription)

General Biology Links:

LBSN - The List of Bacterial Names both alphabetically and chronologically

Microbiology Info - An information portal on microbiology

REBASE - A collection of information about restriction enzymes and related proteins

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) - The main repository of cell lines in the United States.

NCCC: The Cell Culture Center - The Cell Culture Center is a national resource facility established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to provide customized, large scale, cell culture services for basic research laboratories

TAB Cell Line Data Base - Extensive catalog of about 4916 human and animal cell lines available from European

Protocols and Research Tools

CMS Molecular Biology Resource

Cell Biology Protocols

Molecular Biology Protocols

Cell and Molecular Biology Online

Molecular Biology Protocols- Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation


Primer Design

Tavis PCR protocols

Molecular Biology Protocols  Dermouth college


Cell Biology Lab Manual - Collection of protocols

Tissue culture methods - Site at University of South Wales

Flow cytometry Flow cytometry WWW links list located at the Salk Institute CCMI, La Jolla, California.

Histology Protocols - At Nottingham University


NCBI Resources - complete resource catalogue of NCBI

European Bioinformatics Institute -EBI home page

Genome web - Collection of useful genomics and proteomics links

BLAST (NCBI) - sequence alignment

SDSC Biology Work Bench - Single platform for several analyses at SanDiego Super computing centre

KEGG- Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

Genbank -  nucleotide database, sequence submissions

EMBL - nucleotide database

DDBJ - nucleotide database

Genome Annotations-ENSEMBL- automated annotation of whole genome

GeneMark - gene predictions

GenScan - gene predictions

VISTA - Comparative Genomics server at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Pipmaker - Comparative Genomics server at Pennsylvania State University, Bioinformatics Group

Pedro’s Biomolecular Research Tools - The most widely quoted collection of biology related web pages

UCSC Genomics Best Links - Genomics Link at University of California Super computing centre

Gene Expression Analysis

Microarray Bibliography - Papers on Microarray Data Analysis

The Chipping Forecast - is a collection of reviews on different aspects of microarray analysis

SAGE - Serial Analysis of Gene Expression

SAGE Map  - Is a SAGE data resource for the query and retrieval and analysis of SAGE data from any organism


Swissprot - protein database

Tools for proteomics -Collection of web tools for protein sequence and structure analyses at ExPASY.

Biomolecular Interaction Database - full descriptions of interactions, molecular complexes and pathways.

Structure- Database and Prediction and Visualization

Protein Data bank - Database of solved protein structures

Educational Resources at PDB

Swissmod-Automated comparative protein modelling server

DINAMO -Interactive sequence alignment/comparative model building tool.

CPHmodels Server - Predict protein structure using comparative (homology) modelling.

Membrane Protein Transmembrane Secondary Structure Prediction Server

Protein Structure Prediction Center - Critical assessment of structure prediction.

Coiled Coils - Coiled Coil Prediction from Protein Sequences

PHD - Protein Prediction (at EMBL)

The ProDom Protein Domain Database

TMHMM Server - Prediction of transmembrane alpha-helices

TMpred - Transmembrane prediction

DAS - Transmembrane prediction.

Molecular Visualization

World Index of molecular visualization resources

Rasmol-The most widely used molecular  visualization tool
Tutorials on Rasmol - Rasquik , Rastut

Protein Explorer -Similar to Rasmol and based on Rasmol, Requires Chime Plug in

VMD - Visual Molecular Dynamics - Molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing

MolMol - MOLMOL is a molecular graphics program with special emphasis on NMR structures

Swiss-PdbViewer - Another visualization software, Works with SwissMode outputs

Feature Prediction:

Prosite - Database of protein families and domains including functional patterns

CANSITE - Scan your protein for potential signalling effector and adaptor sites

PhosphoBase - A database of phosphorylation sites with a phosphorylation prediction program

PredictNLS - an automated tool for the analysis and determination of Nuclear Localization Signals (NLS).

SignalP Server - Predictions of signal peptide cleavage sites in AA sequences from prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Lab Safety:

Agency for toxic substances and disease registry

Patent, Bioethics and Legal Issues:

US patent Office - File and search patent  - provides a wide range of topics and resources

Biotechology Law Web server


EMBOSS  -The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite EMBOSS is a package of high-quality FREE Open Source software for sequence analysis (Linux)

Antheprot - Integrated package of most of the methods designed for protein sequence analysis

Genamics Software Seek  - Repository and database of freely-distributable and commercial tools for use in molecular biology and biochemistry

Scion Image  - Gel analysis program ( Image analysis similar to NIH image)

PREDATOR download

MEMSAT download - Transmembrane prediction


Sigmaplot - Scientific Graphing (require license)

Design Expert - Design of Experiments (require license)

Statistical -  Statistical analyses ( require license)

Octave - Similar to Matlab, used for mathematical modelling of biological processes and variety of other applications (Runs on Linux)

Open office- Office Suite (Free GNU - Available for Windows and Linux - same as Star office)

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Reads Portable Document Format ( PDF) files

Endnote - Reference Manager