Young Investigators Programme in Biotechnology

Young Investigators Programme in Biotechnology

Kerala Biotechnology Commission has launched a new programme termed “Young Investigators Programme in Biotechnology” during 2008 to provide research support to young scientists to pursue their bright ideas in newly emerging and frontline areas of research Biotechnology

Nature of Support: The support will cover all the requirements for performing the research and will include a grant of Rs. 15.00 lakhs/- (excluding overhead charges) for a period not exceeding not three years. For those scientists who do not draw any other fellowship/salary from any other source the fellowship would be limited to Rs. 20,000/- per month in addition to grants for equipment, computational and communication facilities, consumables, contingencies, and travel.  In cases, where the applicant is holding a regular position, he/she can seek manpower at junior level (JRF/Project Assistant, etc.) or can opt himself/herself as research scientist in the scheme and can avail the above fellowship. An overhead charge @10% will be provided to the implementing institution over and above the project cost.  But either the salary or the fellowship can be availed at a time.  Scientists selected for the award will be allowed to pursue unfettered research with a freedom and flexibility in terms of expenditure as approved in the research plan.

Duration: The duration of the fellowship will be for a period not exceeding three years.

Eligibility: The applicant should possess a. Ph.D degrees in any branch of Life Science b. three years Post Doctoral experience in Biotechnology.  Scientists should be active in the frontier areas of biotechnology and should have made outstanding contributions, (research publications, peer recognition etc.) in his/her areas of research.  The fellowship is open to Indian Nationals residing in India or abroad.  The scientists can choose to work at any S&T institution in India. However, he/she will have to submit a letter from Head of the institution at which they wish to pursue research, stating that administrative and basic infrastructural support to facilitate research will be provided.  The fellowship is open to scientists below 40 years.  However age relaxation of 5 years would be given to scientists belonging SC/ST/OBC, women and physically handicapped category.

Selection: The selection procedure will include consideration at various stages.  An empowered committee will make the final selection based on the recommendation of expert committees. Scientists selected for the award should have accomplished innovative original research in frontier areas of biotechnology.

Application: Applications for the "Young Investigators Programme in Biotechnology" are invited from eligible candidates every year in the format given against an advertisement. The candidates may be required to appear for an interview and submit a presentation before final selection.