Biotech Potentials of Kerala PDF Print E-mail
  • Kerala is among the top in South Asia for its quality of life index, enjoying very high rates of literacy, health, public hygiene and life expectancy as well as basic infrastructure such as transportation, electricity, water and housing.
  • Kerala has made substantial progress in information technology and related business processes outsourcing.
  • Kerala has traditional agricultural and commercial strengths in rubber, coconut, spices, coffee and tea,
  • Kerala has business houses, health spas and residential clinics, prospering by utilizing magical ayurvedic values of medicinal plants sourced from one of the world’s most precious biodiversity hotspots.
  • Kerala’s marine resources and forest wealth are other major engines for economic growth of the state.
  • In view of this Biotechnology will offer excellent opportunities in augmenting value creation, wealth and employment not only in many of these areas of traditional activity but also usher in new vistas for application in medicine, agriculture and industry.