Government of Kerala announced its Biotechnology Policy in 2003.  The BT policy for Kerala is designed to catalyze the development and application of BT, taking advantage of the State’s resources and emphasizing its specific needs while meeting global requirements.  The policy is aimed to ensure the rapid exploitation of pipeline technologies and opportunities available in the State to products and processes and to promote
the sustained build-up of an elite knowledge cadre and knowledge base through the
strengthening and creation of educational and R&D institutions, establishing infrastructure and putting in place administrative, regulatory, legal and financial framework conducive for investment and growth of BT enterprises, for the economic development and human welfare.  One of the major objectives of the Kerala Biotech Policy is to establish a world-class centre of education and R&D in biotechnology for the sustainable development of Kerala.
To achieve the vision in Biotechnology, to ensure hazzle-free implementation and to provide sustained leadership and resources, two major initiatives, Kerala Biotechnology Board and Kerala Biotechnology Commission were made in 2003.  The Biotechnology Board will take all top level administrative and financial decisions to create the best environment in the state for growth of BT.  During 2008 Govt. of Kerala has reconstituted both the Kerala State Biotechnology Board and Kerala Biotechnology Commission. The Kerala Biotechnology Commission is responsible for the implementation of the BT policy and other guideline laid down by the BT Board.